Climate Reality Privacy Policy

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1 Who we are

We are The Alliance for Climate Protection d/b/a The Climate Reality Project, a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) non-profit (“Climate Reality” “we” “us” “our”) and we respect your privacy. This policy describes how we use your personal information if you are not a United States resident.

When you, a resident 16 years of age or more of any country except the United States, visit and interact with Climate Reality you trust us with your information. There are many ways this information can help us make our service better. We can make sure you only see opportunities to take climate activism, communications about climate news, or to be involved in donation drives in which you're likely to be interested. We can remember your details so it's easier for you to connect with us. But we respect your privacy and we value the trust you've placed in us by sharing your information. This privacy policy sets out the way we use your information: what we collect, how we collect it, how we use it, why we use it, who we share it with and the rights to which you may be entitled.

We have tried to keep this document as clear and direct as possible. If you have any questions or anything in this policy is unclear, please get in touch at the following email address: However there are contact details at the end of this policy if you have any questions or if anything is unclear.

This privacy policy also covers our affiliated organizations that host our Climate Reality Leadership Corps program in different countries. Each organization is a joint data controller which may only use your data for the same purposes as Climate Reality and is listed here:

  • Greenpeace in Central and Eastern Europe, a non-profit Society (Verein) with objectives that are of benefit to the public as laid down in §§ 34 to 47 of the Austrian Federal Fiscal Code located at Fernkorngasse 10, 1100 Vienna, Austria;
  • Iniciativa Climática de México, A.C., a registered non-profit civil association in México located at Miguel Laurent 70-4 Col. Tlacoquemecatl del Valle, 03200 Cuidad de Mexico, Mexico;
  • The University of Melbourne ABN 84 002 705 224, a university established in 1853 and constituted under the University of Melbourne Act of 2009 acting through its Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, located at 1-100 Grattan Street, Parkville Victoria 3010, Australia;
  • Green Box Trust d/b/a Food & Trees for Africa NPC, a nonprofit company incorporated under the Companies Act 71 of 2008 of South Africa located at 94 Bessemer Street, Wendywood, 2144 South Africa;
  • Centro Brasil No Clima, an association in defense of social rights recognized as such by the Brazilian Ministry of Finance and located at Av. Marechal Camara, 160, sala 418, Rio de Janeiro 20 020-080, Brazil;
  • Le Projet De La Réalité Climatique Canada, a charitable organization registered with the Canada Revenue Agency and organized under the laws of Quebec, located at 540-50 Sainte Catherine West, Montreal, Quebec, H2X 3V4, Canada;
  • Perkumpulan The Climate Project Indonesia, a nonprofit association organized under the laws of Indonesia and located at Office 8 Building Level 18 A, Sudirman Central Business District, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman 52-53, Jakarta 12190, Indonesia,
  • The Climate Project Foundation, an independent trust located at Paharpur Business Centre, 21, Nehru Place Greens, New Delhi, India 110019;
  • World Wildlife Fund for Nature, a non-profit, non-governmental organization registered under Swiss law and registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, and located at Wenhua Gong, Room 1609, Beijing Working People's Culture Palace (Laodong Renmin Wenhuagong Dongmen), Beijing, Beijing 100006; and
  • Bayay Sibuyanon, a registered non-stock and non-profit corporation located at Pag-alad Street, Poblacion, San Fernando, Romblon, Philippines.

2 Your information Data Collection and Usage

We will collect and use your personal information to enable you to:

1) subscribe to Climate Reality’s direct marketing communications (Subscriber);

2) apply to, or support your membership in, a Climate Reality program (Member) including:

the Climate Reality Leadership Corps and Membership access to,
Climate Speakers Network,
a local Climate Reality Chapter,
Climate Reality Campus Corps, or
100% Committed (each a Climate Reality Program); and

3) the purposes set out in more detail in this section.

If you are a Climate Reality Program Member, you stay a Member until your membership is revoked or you withdraw your membership. To support your membership and comply with the agreement between yourself and Climate Reality, Climate Reality retains your data during your membership.

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